Approximated USAU College Rankings: Post-Centex & Northwest Challenge

Will the Northwest take down 5 bids in women's?

Dartmouth’s Jaclyn Verzuh. Photo by Paul Rutherford —

Ultiworld’s Cody Mills has put together a statistical tool to approximate the USA Ultimate rankings by using publicly available score data and applying the algorithm that USA Ultimate uses to run their numbers. While the results below are unofficial and could include some scores which are liable to be altered or removed from the official rankings, they are a good representation of the what the current rankings would look like.

Throughout the remainder of the college season, we will be running this USAU rankings approximation.

For more information about the USA Ultimate algorithm, ranking system, and some of its perceived flaws, see this FAQ from 2015.

Men’s Division

1North Carolina2303.31Atlantic Coast17-0
2Carleton College2208.37North Central13-2
4Minnesota2181.47North Central15-1
6Brown2044.66New England12-4
7Pittsburgh1983.80Ohio Valley7-5
8Virginia Tech1982.93Atlantic Coast12-3
10Massachusetts1929.01New England10-2
11North Carolina-Wilmington1917.57Atlantic Coast17-0
13Wisconsin1907.02North Central11-6
14Colorado State1899.49South Central14-7
16Cal Poly-SLO1880.43Southwest14-10
17North Carolina State1869.47Atlantic Coast16-7
18Colorado1867.22South Central12-8
19Brigham Young1863.36Northwest16-10
20Texas A&M1834.64South Central8-7
22Texas1774.77South Central7-9
23Western Washington1765.18Northwest12-9
24Texas-Dallas1749.42South Central18-4
26Georgia Tech1743.81Southeast17-4
28Texas State1740.80South Central19-4
29Tufts1725.95New England8-8
31Carnegie Mellon1700.55Ohio Valley10-8
32Maryland1698.54Atlantic Coast14-6
33Illinois1692.29Great Lakes15-8
34Michigan1679.16Great Lakes9-5
36Southern California1653.99Southwest11-11
37Air Force1642.37South Central25-1
38William & Mary1634.24Atlantic Coast23-5
39Central Florida1632.43Southeast9-12
40Northeastern1618.07New England13-11
41Iowa1616.18North Central10-5
42Harvard1606.46New England7-9
43British Columbia1594.09Northwest4-7
44Kansas1593.31South Central8-6
45Northwestern1567.35Great Lakes10-13
46South Carolina1566.65Atlantic Coast9-6
47Dartmouth1564.84New England14-7
48Connecticut1564.10Metro East12-9
49Oregon State1536.42Northwest11-17
50Ohio State1536.40Ohio Valley15-7

Implied Bid Allocation

AC 4 · GL 1 · ME 1 · NE 2 · NC 3 · NW 2 (-1) · OV 1 · SC 2 · SE 2 · SW 2 (+1)


  • Stanford‘s strong weekend at Northwest Challenge, including a six point win over Washington, has, for now, secured a second bid for the Southwest. But the region isn’t safe yet: Cal Poly SLO has to play in a treacherous field at Easterns next weekend.
  • Despite seven teams in the top 50, the Northwest is down to just two bids after BYU took some lumps at NWC. Other Northwest teams that competed this weekend — Western Washington, Victoria, UBC, and Oregon State — were much too inconsistent to stake out a third bid.
  • There’s still plenty of drama left at Easterns next weekend. NC State is clinging to a fourth bid for the Atlantic Coast but has little room for error. Even second-order effects could gobble up their bid. Emory could snag a third bid for the Southeast with a big weekend at Huck Finn. LSU could make a move at Easterns, too, for the SE.

Women’s Division

1Dartmouth2530.33New England11-1
2California-San Diego2370.11Southwest23-3
3North Carolina2344.49Atlantic Coast16-1
6British Columbia2192.72Northwest9-4
7Colorado2139.10South Central15-5
8West Chester University2127.38Ohio Valley8-2
9Tufts2109.89New England13-3
10Texas2109.48South Central15-8
11Pittsburgh2091.09Ohio Valley8-4
12Carleton College2055.23North Central11-7
13Ohio State2033.77Ohio Valley17-7
15Western Washington1977.05Northwest11-10
16California-Santa Barbara1957.63Southwest20-9
17Brigham Young1927.07Northwest12-4
18North Carolina State1911.90Atlantic Coast9-4
19Vermont1889.12New England13-6
21Minnesota1868.03North Central9-5
22Michigan1860.29Great Lakes11-12
23Washington University1794.98South Central11-8
26Notre Dame1738.59Great Lakes13-4
29Cal Poly-SLO1682.25Southwest11-9
30Northeastern1678.70New England4-6
31Colorado College1670.72South Central9-15
32Penn State1670.20Ohio Valley11-5
34Clemson1643.00Atlantic Coast10-0
35Wisconsin1640.09North Central7-9
36Southern California1632.20Southwest10-15
37Georgia Tech1630.25Southeast8-8
38Williams1624.24New England5-1
40Northwestern1617.93Great Lakes8-12
41Colorado State1611.70South Central10-9
42Kennesaw State1609.34Southeast11-7
43North Carolina-Wilmington1579.26Atlantic Coast15-9
44Harvard1563.28New England10-4
45Duke1513.61Atlantic Coast10-3
46Mount Holyoke1502.40New England6-1
47Kansas1489.09South Central13-7
48Iowa State1488.60North Central8-13
49Case Western Reserve1483.25Ohio Valley10-3
50Florida State1468.29Southeast13-4

Implied Bid Allocation

AC 1 · GL 1 · ME 1 · NE 2 (-1) · NC 1 · NW 5 (+1) · OV 3 · SC 2 · SE 1 · SW 3


  • Despite Washington dropping out from a bid for the Northwest, strong weekend for WhitmanWestern Washington, and BYU have the evil empire looking at a whopping five bids this postseason (contingent on BYU competing at Conferences).
  • Vermont coughed up the third bid for New England at Northwest Challenge, where they went 2-5.
  • Most nationally relevant women’s competition is done for the season, but NC State will have a shot to nab a second bid for the Atlantic Coast at Easterns, where they will play mostly in-region teams as the #1 seed.

For more information, check out Cody’s rankings site, which also includes ‘seeded’ rankings for both Men’s and Women’s, that includes a component based on teams’ final rating from 2017 (which reduces the early season variance). Also, check out these cool connectivity visuals (Men’s / Women’s).

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