Sideline Talk: Brodie Smith [Ep. 16]

Hear Brodie's story.

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Brodie Smith is the most famous ultimate frisbee player ever to play the game. One of the greatest college players of all time, Brodie led Florida to a championship in 2010 and won club championship titles with Doublewide (’12) and Johnny Bravo (’14). He’s long been a controversial figure in the sport, thanks to his boisterous personality and a poor perception of his commitment to Spirit of the Game. He’s also been hampered by injuries that have limited his impact at the club and semi-pro levels, eventually leading to his decision to walk away from the sport. Hear from Brodie about his career, the highs and lows, and more on this edition of Sideline Talk.

Sideline Talk: Brodie Smith [Ep. 16] is only available to Ultiworld Subscribers

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