Mailbag: The Ideal Rules Of Ultimate, Space Heater, Top Ultimate Cities

What rules do you think need to be implemented?

Sandy Jorgensen and a space heater.

After years of writing the Mailbag in fits and starts, I am legitimately committing to writing it every week. This is it. I’m doing it.

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Shout out to everyone who sent in great questions this week. I couldn’t get to all of them, but keep ’em coming. I’ll eventually answer most of them!

Q: Hey Chuck, it’s ya boi Matt. Could you actually and explicitly say what your ideal set of rules would be?

  • Field size
  • Stall count
  • Subs on timeouts
  • Timed games (probably not?)
  • Observers do the count?
  • Yardage penalties for stuff?
  • More TMFs?
  • Foul counts leading to fouling out?

– Matt B.

A: Hoo, boy. This is a tough one. In general, I would categorize my thoughts on this into different bins: rules that should absolutely exist, rules that should probably exist but might need tweaking, and rules that should be experimented with. I wrote an article a couple years ago that mostly captures my current thoughts but doesn’t dig into those categories. So let’s get detailed.

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