Here Are The Spirit Scores From 2019 Club Championships

Portland Schwa were one of a couple teams to disrupt the traditional Big Four narrative in the women's division at 2019 Club Championships. Photo: Sam Hotaling --
Portland Schwa were one of a couple teams to disrupt the traditional Big Four narrative in the women’s division at 2019 Club Championships. Photo: Sam Hotaling —

USA Ultimate has released spirit scores from the 2019 Club Championships. Semifinalists Portland Schwa (women’s), 12th place Montana MOONDOG (mixed), and 13th place Toronto GOAT (men’s) topped their respective divisions. None of the title winners placed above 10th.1

After each game, teams ranked their opponents from zero to four in rules knowledge, fouls, fair play, attitude, and communication. A score of two in a category is considered “good,” making a total score of 10 a good score. Here is a score sheet for reference.

Women’s Division

#Team Score
1Portland Schwa11.71
2Vancouver Traffic 10.71
3TQuébec Iris 10.57
3T Atlanta Ozone10.57
5TSan Francisco Nightlock10.43
5TSan Diego Wildfire10.43
7TSan Francisco Fury10
7TDenver Molly Brown10
7TMinneapolis Pop10
10Chicago Nemesis9.86
11Boston Brute Squad9.8
12 Boston Siege9.71
13Toronto 6ixers9.67
14Washington D.C. Scandal9.43
15Seattle Riot9.33
16Raleigh Phoenix9.14

Mixed Division

#Team Score
1Montana MOONDOG11.71
2Boston Slow White11.43
3Washington D.C. Space Heater11
4TColumbus Cocktails10.86
4TBoston Wild Card10.86
6San Francisco Mischief10.8
7Asheville Superlame10.71
8Fort Collins shame.10.6
9Durham Toro10.57
10TPhiladelphia AMP10.33
10TMinneapolis Drag'n Thrust10.33
12 Boston Snake Country10.29
13San Francisco Polar Bears9.86
14TSeattle BFG9.67
14TSeattle Mixtape9.67
16Dallas Public Enemy 9.29

Men’s Division

#Team Score
1Toronto GOAT12.29
2Vancouver Furious George11.86
3Atlanta Chain Lightning11.71
4TDenver Johnny Bravo11.57
4TPittsburgh Temper11.57
6Minneapolis Sub Zero11
7TAustin Doublewide10.86
7TSan Francisco Revolver10.86
9Washington D.C. Truck Stop10.71
10New York PoNY10.6
11Boston DiG10.57
12SoCal Condors10.29
13Seattle Sockeye10.2
14TPortland Rhino Slam!10.14
14TChicago Machine9.8
16Raleigh Ring of Fire 9.6

  1. Philadelphia AMP tied for 10th, Boston Brute Squad finished 11th, and Seattle Sockeye took 13th. 

  1. Simon Pollock
    Simon Pollock

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