Sin The Fields: Weird Injury Bracket

Not all ultimate injuries are alike. None of these are.

At some point, we’ve all gotten injured because of ultimate. Maybe it was a tough landing on a bid that dislocated your shoulder. Maybe it was not warming up enough and then tweaking your hammy. We’ve all been there. But some of us have certainly been there in much weirder ways than others. This week, the STF guys kick off a bracket of 16 of the oddest and most gruesome ultimate injuries anyone’s ever heard, as submitted by their listeners.

STF Weird Injury

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The 16 stories in the bracket below reflect the wide spectrum of experience the ultimate community has had with injury. Injuries that change how you play forever. Injuries that make people in your real-life worry about you. Injuries that leave you saddled with some weird nickname like “horse bones” or “milk-stache.” They come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share one common thread: the absolutely inessential nature of how they came to be.

The moment you had to explain to your boss that you were late to a meeting because your foot has swollen to the size of a grapefruit after someone you spend lots of money to play frisbee with, for fun, horribly backpacked you is the moment you became an expert on this bracket. This isn’t a celebration of the human carnage that our sport can cause, but rather our resolve to live with this carnage and keep coming back for more. So cast your votes below for the best injury story and do your part to memorialize the literal blood, sweat, and tears of the ultimate community.

Round 1 voting is now open through Tuesday, March 31st, at 3 PM Eastern.

We condensed the stories into top-line summaries, but some have fuller contexts that make them even better, so toggle the Full Story dropdown if you want to do the background reading. Some, like the guy who tore his trachea, are in no need of further explanation. 

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  1. Tad Wissel

    Tad Wissel is an Ultiworld reporter.

  2. Patrick Stegemoeller

    Patrick Stegemoeller is a Senior Staff Writer for Ultiworld, co-host of the Sin The Fields podcast, and also a lawyer who lives in Brooklyn.


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