Better Box Score Metrics: Mileage Rates May Vary [AUDL Week 6, 2023]

Multiple players with over 700 total yards in last weekend's games top the EDGE leaderboard

Seattle Cascades’ Khalif El-Salaam gets up for the disc. Photo: AUDL

Surpassing 700 total yards is rare; it’s only happened 14 times this season. Almost half of those performances occurred this past weekend. Joe White opening the Week 6 bidding with 784 in Carolina’s Friday win over DC, raised by Pawel Janas on Saturday to 847, and then called by Mac Hecht on Sunday, with a season-high 1015. And yet neither sit atop the EDGE leaderboard. Khalif El-Salaam had 11 scores, 778 yards, a block, and only 1 turn1 to edge out a crowd of contenders, all 10 of whom would have topped last weekend’s leaderboard with their Week 6 score.

Saeed Semrin added three scores to his week-leading five blocks to take D-Line Player of the Week honors, with Max Trifillis and Joey Wylie not far behind in what seems like their weekly appearance among the leaders.

Not appearing anywhere near this week’s leaderboard are players from New York and Boston, whose half-game will go in the books as a complete game. For our possession-rate stats, this isn’t going to matter. And the fact the conditions were so terrible that the combined scoring efficiency of the teams was 28 percent (a season low, just over half of the league average 51 percent) won’t matter very much either: in EDGE, the cost of a turnover is correspondingly low. But it could matter for season totals – in evaluating next-week’s mid-season awards, for which EDGE per Team Game will be the most prominent component, it seems reasonable to adjust Boston and New York’s game totals by half a game.

The EDGE, D-Line EDGE, and EDGE-B leaderboards from Week 6 are below.

  1. He also had one QInc (Quarter-ending incompletion); so did Mac Hecht. AUDL stats will show each with an additional turnover. 

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