Better Box Score Metrics: Potential MVPs to Meet in Week 12 [AUDL Week 11, 2023]

A clash atop the EDGE leaderboards!

Salt Lake Shred’s Jordan Kerr is having an MVP level 2023 AUDL season. Photo: Wade Bricknell — Salt Lake Shred

Week 11 Highlights

This can’t be true. Jordan Kerr hasn’t been on the weekly EDGE leaderboard until this week? The guy who is currently first in total EDGE and second in E100? Yes, that guy, and the fact that this is indeed his first top 10 underscores just how terrifically consistently Kerr has been all year.

Among the top 25 players in total EDGE this year, Kerr is the only one who has posted an EDGE score greater than 2.0 in every game he has played, and Kerr’s lowest posting was 2.82. Ironically, this week’s 3.91 against Portland is only his fourth best EDGE of the season, and not far above his season average of 3.73. With only one more regular season game to play, and what a game it is, Kerr is undoubtedly an MVP candidate.

There is one other player who might have also surpassed the 2.0 threshold in every game, if not for the fact that his 1.44 was a weather-shortened half-game against Boston—Ryan Osgar. Osgar’s MVP résumé looks a lot like Kerr’s, which we’ll get to in looking at the season stats.

Atop this week’s leaderboard is Andrew Sjogren (Table 1). Two weeks ago, he did the same, but only because Ty Barbieri’s higher but late-posting results kept Barbieri from claiming the top spot. This week, no asterisks, and Sjogren continues an excellent season that currently has him 13th in total EDGE.

Three of Kerr’s Salt Lake teammates found themselves in the D-line top 10 (Table 2), including D-line King of the Week Chad Yorgason, who edged out former teammate Joe Merrill. Merrill also took the second spot in the EDGE-B top 10 (Table 3), just behind Kai DeLorenzo’s five-block effort.

The EDGE, D-Line EDGE, and EDGE-B leaderboards from Week 11 are below.

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