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Past Articles from Ned Garvey

Ned Garvey

Ned Garvey is a member of the European staff. After graduating from the University of Vermont in 2015, he’s been living and playing in Russia and Latvia. He currently lives in Riga, Latvia, and plays for Salaspils Wild Things.

  1. European Ultimate Championships 2019: Semifinals Preview (Men’s)

    Germany and GB still favorites for Semis. Switzerland and Russia with nothing to lose!

  2. European Ultimate Championships 2019: Bracket Play Set (Men’s)

    Through the power pool stages, no one has yet tested Germany and GB.

  3. The Men’s Division Moves to Power Pools at EUC 2019

    The men's division moves on to power pools.

  4. Russia Sends Italy to the Lower Pools at EUC (Men’s)

    Russia shock Europe!

  5. European Ultimate Championships 2019: Day One Recap (Men’s)

    Lots of hot action in Györ in the Men's division on Day 1!

  6. European Ultimate Championships: Staff Brackets

    Who picked it best?

  7. European Ultimate Championships 2019: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    Will Great Britain keep their EUC crown?

  8. Vienna Spring Break 2019: Tournament Recap (Men’s)

    M.U.C. wins Vienna without their national team stars!

  9. Vienna Spring Break 2019: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    Big clubs from 4/5 European regions come to battle in Vienna!

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