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Peter Jesse

Peter Jesse is a passionate Ultimate Player, his highlights as a player are EUC 2011, WUCC2014 #leccoed, EUC 2015. He can also be seen doing German language coverage mainly on the Austrian scene with the Autimate blog. Follow him @autimate.

  1. World U24 Ultimate Championship: Final Recap (Mixed)

    USA completed the sweep in the mixed division!

  2. World U24 Ultimate Championship: Semifinals Recap (Mixed)

    Japan and USA will meet in the final again!

  3. World U24 Ultimate Championship 2019: Thursday Recap (Mixed)

    We're to the final four! USA, Singapore, Japan and Latvia!

  4. World U24 Ultimate Championship 2019: Wednesday Recap (Mixed)

    The quarterfinalists are nearly decided!

  5. World U24 Ultimate Championship 2019: Tuesday Recap (Mixed)

    Pool A was absolute madness! The Netherlands advance by the narrowest of margins!

  6. World U24 Ultimate Championship 2019: Monday Recap (Mixed)

    Poland upsets Australia and the battle in Pool A continues!

  7. World U24 Ultimate Championship 2019: Pool Play Is Underway (Sunday Recap)

    U24 Worlds is off and rolling!

  8. European Ultimate Championships 2019: Finals Preview (Mixed)

    Time for a rematch of the WUGC 2016 quarterfinal!

  9. European Ultimate Championships 2019: Semifinals Preview (Mixed)

    The semis have two favorites, but expect close games!

  10. European Ultimate Championships 2019: Pre-quarters and Quarters Recap (Mixed)

    Quarters are done and only four remain!

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