Europe Club Division

  1. Switzerland Returns to the Fields

    Remember ultimate?

  2. Opening Pull: USAU Club Scenarios, Wildwood, xEUCF Bids

    Your weekly ultimate recap!

  3. EuroZone: xEUCF Bids, WUGC Budget, New WFDF Rules

    Deep Dive into the Rules!

  4. xEUCF Bid Distribution Announced

    Plus a projected team list!

  5. Opening Pull: EUF Removing Championship Qualifiers

    Welcome to Opening Pull, your weekly wrap-up of the previous week in ultimate.

  6. Tom’s Tourney Streaming Games on Saturday

    Watch some great Euro games on Saturday!

  7. EuroZone: Tom’s Tourney 2020

    Look back on the history of a great European tournament!

  8. Sideline Talk: Justin Foord [Ep. 29]

    A legend of European ultimate.

  9. EUF Cancelling EUCRs, May Hold Larger xEUCF in October

    No nationals, no regionals - clubs go straight to Euros!

  10. Budding Ultimate in Bulgaria

    A deep look into the young ultimate scene in Sofia

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