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Double Overtime is Ultiworld’s professional ultimate league podcast, your home for everything about the Premier Ultimate League and the Western Ultimate League. Hosts Jenna Weiner and Sascha Vogel will break down the weekend’s games, give their insight into league trends, and share interviews with some of the biggest names in the game.

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  • Jenna Weiner

    Jenna Weiner

    Jenna Weiner is a Senior Staff Writer, a co-host of Ultiworld's Double Overtime podcast, and considers herself a purveyor of all levels of ultimate. She's played mostly on the west coast but you're likely to find her at the nearest ultimate game available.

  • Sascha Vogel

    Sascha Vogel

    Sascha went to Brigham Young University in Utah and played on both the A and B Team over his time there. Since then, he has moved to South Carolina where him and his wife raise their 4 beautiful children while he continues to play ultimate and disc golf.

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