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  1. Iowa’s Jason Chen for Callahan 2024

    Iowa is nominating Jason Chen for the 2024 Callahan Award. Here’s their video.

  2. Iowa’s Cole Davis for Callahan 2023

    Iowa’s effective cutter is one of the North Central’s top threats, and he has captained his team for multiple seasons, too. Watch.

  3. Huck Finn 2023: Tournament Preview

    An unusual format and a lot of parity should lose to some thrilling outcomes.

  4. College Update: Stanford Invite, Tally Classic

    A lighter tournament weekend saw UNC Pleiades dominate Stanford Invite, plus upcoming action features ranked teams in every division

  5. Iowa’s Nolan Cochran for Callahan 2022

    Iowa IHUC nominate Nolan Cochran for the 2022 Callahan Award. Check out Nolan’s video.

  6. D-I College Men’s Regionals 2022: Weekend One Preview

    Nine Nationals bids will be handed out this weekend.

  7. Iowa’s Tyler Barrett for Callahan 2021

    Iowa IHUC nominates Tyler Barrett for the 2021 Callahan Award. Check out his video.

  8. College Update: The Biggest Regionals Weekend of 2021

    The biggest college regionals weekend of 2021 saw teams competing from coast to coast for a chance to play at Nationals.

  9. Deep Look: Ultimate Trivia

    We're playing a little trivia this week.

  10. Iowa’s Nicholas Culver for Callahan 2020

    Iowa IHUC nominates Nick Culver for the 2020 Callahan Award. Check out his video.

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