Past Articles in Pick ‘Em

  1. Universe Point College Pick ‘Em Contest 2020

    The Pick 'Em contests are back!

  2. Club Championships 2019: The Beat Charlie Challenge Winners and Results

    The winners and analysis of our picks contest!

  3. Club Championships 2019: Enter to Win #TheGame, Presented by Full Circle

    Enter for free and you could be one of the big winners!

  4. D-I College Championships 2019: #TheGame Winners & Results

    Announcing our winners and recapping results!

  5. D-I College Championships 2019: Enter #TheGame Challenge

    Time to play the game and win!

  6. Sin The Fields: Regionals, Josh Klane, Playing Barefoot

    STF comes to terms with their Pick 'Em loss.

  7. Announcing the Universe Point College Pick ‘Em Contest

    Enter to win free UP cleats!

  8. D-I College Championships 2018: Enter #thegame Challenge!

    Test your predictive abilities by picking five teams to outperform their seed in our annual #thegame pick 'em contest!

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