Past Articles in Stanford Invite

  1. Stanford Invite 2018: Women’s Highlights

    Some big time plays from some of the biggest names in the division.

  2. Stanford Invite 2018: Men’s Highlights

    So much personality on display in Stevinson this spring.

  3. Stanford Invite 2018: Saturday Recap (Men’s)

    Can Oregon—or anyone else—get in the way of a CUT vs Darkside final?

  4. Stanford Invite 2018: Saturday Recap (Women’s)

    Through some unruly weather, some teams in the women's division made a big splash, while other floundered.

  5. Stanford Invite 2018: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    One of the most exciting tournaments of the regular season has arrived!

  6. Stanford Invite 2018: Tournament Preview & Predictions (Women’s)

    The Stanford Invite is finally here, and we couldn't resist going through, and trying to predict the entire tournament!

  7. Deep Look: Stanford Invite, Ian Toner

    The first major of the college season!

  8. Stanford Invite 2018: Livestreaming Schedule & Pools

    Here is Ultiworld’s tentative livestreaming schedule for the 2018 Stanford Invite this weekend in Fremont, CA.

  9. Stanford Invite 2018: Team List

    The first mid-season major!

  10. Stanford Invite 2017: Sizzle Reel

    Gotta love drone footage!

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