Pro-Elite Challenge 2016: Filming Schedule

Truck Stop's Alan Kolick. Photo: Jolie Lang --
Truck Stop’s Alan Kolick. Photo: Jolie Lang —

Here is Ultiworld’s filming schedule for the 2016 Pro-Elite Challenge in Denver, CO, at Colorado Cup. Please note that these games are only being filmed, NOT streamed. Access to the footage will be available to subscribers!

All times Mountain.

Saturday, July 30th

8:00 AM: Cincinnati Steamboat v. Los Angeles 7 Figures (X)
10:00 AM: Pittsburgh Temper v. Philadelphia Patrol (M)
12:00 PM: Seattle Riot v. San Francisco Nightlock (W)
2:00 PM: Raleigh Ring of Fire v. Washington DC Truck Stop (M)
4:00 PM: San Francisco Nightlock v. Vancouver Traffic (W)

Sunday, July 31st

8:00 AM: Denver Molly Brown v. Washington DC Scandal (Women’s Quarter)
10:00 AM: Men’s Semifinal
12:00 PM: Women’s Final
12:00 PM: Men’s Final [ADDED]
2:00 PM: Mixed Final

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