Seattle Sockeye 2018 Roster

Is there a youth movement in Seattle?

Sockeye’s Dylan Freechild. Photo: Taylor Nguyen —

Last year ended unceremoniously for a highly regarded Sockeye roster. Most of their additions from last year are back, with a sparkling young crop of talent, so expectations will be very high.

Ben Snell
Billy Katz
Brice Dixon
Camden Allison-Hall
Chris Kosednar
Christian Foster
Cooper Schumacher
Danny Karlinsky
Derek Mourad
Dongyang Chen
Duncan Linn
Dylan Freechild
Frank Devin Barich
Husayn Carnegie
Jacob Janin
Joe “BJ” Sefton
John Randolph
Julian Hausman
Matt Rehder
Matt Russell
Mitch Kulczak
Phil Murray
Sam Harkness
Simon Montague
Tony Venneri
Trent Dillon
Xander Cuizon Tice
Zach Goulson
Zane Rankin


Roger Crafts
Dave Hogan
Mike Caldwell


Camden Allison-Hall
Christian Foster
Derek Mourad
John Randolph
Tony Venneri
Xander Cuizon Tice
Zach Goulson


Sam Hart
Will Chen
Reid Koss
Mario O’Brien
Donnie Clark

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