Past Articles in Boycott

  1. Detroit Mechanix Announce Planned Women’s Team For 2018 Season

    The Detroit Mechanix, now entering their seventh season in the AUDL, announced a new women's team.

  2. New Signatories To The AUDL Boycott Announced

    Hundreds of people signed onto the AUDL boycott.

  3. AUDL Boycott Organizers Pen Open Letter To AUDL Commissioner

    A new letter from the boycott leaders.

  4. Going Beyond A Boycott

    Convincing AUDL owners to change their product will take a more engaged approach.

  5. Deep Look: AUDL Boycott, Hannah Leathers & Nicky Spiva, WUCC Ringers

    Pressure ramps up on the AUDL.

  6. AUDL Issues Statement On Gender Equity

    League says 2018 will be start of 'long term agenda to advance women's ultimate.'

  7. Here Is The List Of Players That Signed The AUDL Boycott Statement

    Over 150 people signed on to boycott absent "equal representation of women and men."

  8. AUDL Outlines Gender Equity Plan In Letter To Players

    More promotion of women's competition, but no separate league or mixed play.

  9. Players Organizing AUDL Boycott To Push For “Equal Representation” Of Women And Men

    Boycott organizers seeking support from AUDL players.

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