Past Articles in highlights

  1. Stanford Invite 2017: Women’s Highlights

    Some spectacular plays from the California coast!

  2. Florida Warm Up 2017: Highlights

    Hot plays from the Sunshine State!

  3. Pittsburgh’s Sam Jennings Goes Horizontal

    Pittsburgh junior Sam Jennings lays out for the huge score against Cal Poly SLO at the 2017 Stanford Invite: Pittsburgh’s Sam Jennings Goes Horizontal

  4. Clemson Crawls Their Way To Victory

    Clemson’s Hunter Hamvas finds a creative way to make the game-winning catch in this Queen City Tune Up match against Davidson! Check it out: Clemson…

  5. Breaking Down The Year’s Best Highlight Reel

    Nathan Kolakovic's 2016 WJUC Finals highlight reel raised the bar.

  6. Highlight Reel: Ultiworld Women’s 2016 All-Club Teams

    Check out these highlight reels featuring the fourteen athletes on the Ultiworld Women’s Division All-Club First and Second Teams, thanks to the wonderful work of Fulcrum Pro: All-Club…

  7. WJUC 2016: Highlights

    Check out these 2016 World Junior Ultimate Championships highlights from Nathan Kolakovic: WJUC 2016 Ultimate Frisbee Video Highlights

  8. Men’s Highlights: 2016 Club Championships

    These guys are good.

  9. Women’s Highlights: 2016 National Championships

    Huge plays from a huge tournament.

  10. 2016 Club Championships: Day 2 Highlights, Presented by BE Ultimate

    Check out the Day 2 video highlights from the 2016 Club Championships in Rockford, IL. These highlights are brought to you by BE Ultimate. 2016 Club…

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