Past Articles in highlights

  1. Presidents’ Day Invite 2019: Women’s Highlights

    Some stars making big plays.

  2. Presidents’ Day Invite 2019: Men’s Highlights

    The best of a fun PDI.

  3. Queen City Tune Up 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Some top plays from the first big east coast tourney of the year!

  4. Queen City Tune Up 2019: Women’s Highlights

    Swagger for days.

  5. Florida Warm Up 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Fun in the sun!

  6. Carolina Kickoff 2019: Men’s Highlights

    The best clips from the first big men's event of the year.

  7. Santa Barbara Invite 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Wild plays from a fun SBI!

  8. Santa Barbara Invite 2019: Women’s Highlights

    One of the blocks for the year is just a taste of the highlights!

  9. The Top 10 College Plays of 2018, Made by 2019 Returners

    We’ve got the top 10 plays from the 2018 College season that were made by returning 2019 players. Don’t miss these highlights!

  10. Pro Championships 2018: Women’s Highlights

    More club season highlights!

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