Past Articles in highlights

  1. Elite-Select Challenge 2019: Women’s Highlights

    Play big to win a bid!

  2. Elite-Select Challenge 2019: Mixed Highlights

    Play big to win a bid!

  3. Elite-Select Challenge 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Play big to win a bid!

  4. US Open 2019: Mixed Highlights

    Offhand assists, forehand bombs, and a pinch of posterizers.

  5. US Open 2019: Men’s Highlights

    This one's not about finesse so much as power.

  6. US Open 2019: Women’s Highlights

    Jam-packed with big catches and throws.

  7. Select Flight Invite 2019: Men’s Highlights

    The best from Select Flight Invites East and West.

  8. Highlights: The Best of Universe Point (College 2019)

    Our best clips from double game point this college season.

  9. Pro-Elite Challenge 2019: Men’s Highlights

    Our top plays from the men's division at Colorado Cup.

  10. Pro-Elite Challenge 2019: Women’s Highlights

    Some of the stars of the women's division put on a show in Colorado.

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