Past Articles in worlds

  1. Deep Look: Worlds Preview, Presented By Layout Ultimate

    Can the USA sweep with their new National delegation?

  2. Sin The Fields: STF Commencement, Poultry Days, WUGC, Presented By Layout Ultimate

    It's rich. It's compelling.

  3. WUGC 2016 Preview: Latvia Men

    A Latvian team got a stunning upset at Euros. Can they do it again at Worlds?

  4. WUGC 2016 Preview: Lithuania Men

    Lithuania emerges after more than a decade away from international ultimate.

  5. WUGC 2016 Preview: Poland Men

    With most top Polish athletes playing Mixed, how will the young Open team fare?

  6. WUGC 2016 Preview: Belgium Men

    Belgium's strong domestic ultimate scene brings strength to Worlds roster.

  7. WUGC 2016 Preview: Italy Men

    Italy may be sporting one of the youngest squads in London, but early returns from this spring show there is clearly potential.

  8. WUGC 2016: Pools & Brackets

    The World Ultimate and Guts Championships brackets can be pretty confusing.

  9. WUGC 2016 Preview: Ireland Men

    A recent youth movement has Ireland aiming for new heights.

  10. WUGC 2016 Preview: Denmark Men

    Can a fresh-faced Danish team defy lower-than-usual expectations?

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