1. XEUCF Women’s Format Changed to Brackets

    Big changes in Bruges!

  2. XEUCF 2021: Day Two Recap (Open)

    And then there were 8!

  3. XEUCF 2021: Day Two Recap (Mixed)

    The pools are behind us, it's do or die time in the mixed division!

  4. XEUCF 2021: Day Two Recap (Women’s)

    We are down to eight teams!

  5. XEUCF 2021: Day One Recap (Women’s)

    A Swedish surprise to start the tournament!

  6. XEUCF 2021: Day One Recap (Mixed)

    Pool play is underway in Bruges!

  7. XEUCF 2021: Day One Recap (Open)

    Time for Power Pools!

  8. XEUCF 2021: Tournament Preview (Mixed)

    Who can challenge the 2019 finalists GRUT and Salaspils?

  9. XEUCF Picks Contest

    Who will win the XEUCF?

  10. XEUCF 2021: Tournament Preview (Open)

    Is there another CUSB-Clapham Final in the making?

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