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Philadelphia AMP 2017 Roster

So much young talent.

Philadelphia AMP at the 2016 Club Championships. Photo: Christina Schmidt —

Over the weekend, Philadelphia AMP released their roster as a series of photos on their Twitter account. Here’s the full list.

Captains in bold. New additions in italics.

Austin Bonelli
Natalie Bova
Justin Carter
Matt Carter
Andrea DeSabato
Kelsey Devlin
Allysha Dixon
Ryan Flamberg
Stu Hean
Michael Ing
Sarah Johnson
Nico Lake
Linda Morse
Raha Mozaffari
Steve Ng
Carolyn Normile
Ben Pelleg
Nick Purifico
Rob Robinson
Bobby Roos
Steve Rosso
Luke Ryan
Emily Shields
Anna Thompson
Calvin Trisolini
Danielle Walsh
Matt Zumbrum

Patrick Sherlock

Fern Beetle-Moorcroft
Melissa Devlin
David Koch
Ben Parrell
Charles Weinberg

  1. Steve Sullivan

    Steve Sullivan is the Executive Editor of Ultiworld. He began playing in 2001 at Boston University, helped found Slow White in 2004, and has played with the team ever since. He has volunteered as a college Sectional Coordinator, a club Regional Coordinator, and served as a player-elected representative for the Mixed division on USAU's Club Working Group. He has previously written for the USAU magazine and The Huddle. You can reach him by email ( or on Twitter (@sjsully21).

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