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  1. Pro Championships 2018: Tournament Recap (Mixed)

    Is this list of title contenders thinning as the postseason begins?

  2. Pro Championships 2018: Sunday Bracket Recap (Mixed)

    The fireworks continue!

  3. Pro Championships 2018: Day One Recap (Mixed)

    Which team will lock up the #1 seed at Nationals?

  4. Pro Championships 2018: Tournament Preview (Mixed)

    Who will emerge as the title favorite in the mixed division?

  5. Plan Q: How The WUCC Semis & Finals Ended Up Indoors

    A chronological account of one of the craziest World Championship days ever.

  6. WUCC 2018: Semifinals Recap (Mixed)

    Big early leads made for little drama indoors.

  7. WUCC 2018: Quarterfinals Recap (Mixed)

    Could anyone dethrone the Americans, aside from the other Americans?

  8. Late Comeback Pushes Wild Card In Front of GRUT in Showcase Thriller

    What a start to the WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships!

  9. WUCC 2018: USA Team Primer

    Will the champions in every division hail from the United States?

  10. Club Update: Wild Weekend in Mile High

    The first major TCT event of the season offered up surprises in all divisions.

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