Past Articles in Florida Warm Up 2020

  1. Tournament Talk: Florida Warm Up 2020

    So much to digest!

  2. Florida Warm Up 2020: Saturday Recap

    TAMPA — Just four teams remain in the hunt for a Warm Up title — Carleton, Michigan, Texas, and Georgia Tech.

  3. Florida Warm Up 2020: Friday Recap

    TAMPA — Players and fans were treated to some excellent early season college ultimate on Friday during day one of the Florida Warm Up.

  4. What Does Florida Warm Up Mean For The Season?

    Florida Warm Up straddles an interesting position in the men’s college season, as it is both an “early season tournament” with all that implies, but…

  5. Florida Warm Up 2020: Tournament Preview

    Three days of top quality games in sunny Florida.

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