Stall 9: Oregon’s Secret To The Best Callahan Videos

Did Oregon find something that helped elevate their Callahan videos to the top tier of the genre?

With ultimate still on its pandemic-induced hiatus, our “Stall 9” column is an opportunity for Ultiworld staff members to share random opinions or reflections on what they’re thinking about or miss most from the sport. Just as is the case when the stall count reaches 9, anything goes.

It’s been a while since I’ve played ultimate and I’m really starting to feel it. The cutting winds and snowed-in alleys of the Midwest have kept the doors shut on heart-pounding, run-until-you-throw-up aerobics for the time being. Maybe it’s delusional wish fulfillment, or maybe it’s cabin fever-induced masochism, but much of my winter has been spent watching old highlight reels. There’s only so much frisbee content on the internet so I’ve gone deep down the rabbit hole.

After hours of Callahan, tournament, and season recap highlight reels, it’s become clear that Oregon ultimate knows how to make flashy plays and that they’ve been doing it for a long time. More impressively, Ego and Fugue know how to film their layout catches, skies, throws, and spikes, then edit them into quality highlight videos. Maybe my narrow view is constricted by my nostalgia goggles from watching their videos on repeat in high school free periods, but they’ve been producing some of the most cleanly edited ultimate videos since at least 2011.

Ego and Fugue have been turning out quality Callahan videos for as long as the genre existed and — for my money — have the GOAT videos for each division. For all this time I thought Eugene was just home to talented video editors, that their connection to Henry Callahan created a more vibrant and creative approach to the award, or that their players just cared more about looking good on film than the rest of us. But I think I have stumbled across a secret — one I’m not sure Fugue and Ego know they’ve alchemized — to much of their Callahan video success:

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    Tim Schoch

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