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Whether you play barefoot on the beach, practice layouts in the snow, or compete at the highest level, Huckin Eh’ is a weekly podcast focused on highlighting what makes Canadian ultimate so unique and awesome. Each episode, hosts Danie Proby and Theo Wan bring you a coast-to-coast guide for all things Canadian ultimate.

Got a question or comment for an upcoming show? Call our hotline +1-302-448-ULTI (8584), tweet at us @huckin_eh, or email us [email protected].


  • Theo Wan

    Theo Wan

    Theo recently left his teaching career to start a podcast about Canadian ultimate. He is a self-professed ultimate nerd who is willing to talk ultimate to anyone who will listen. He has captained an open club team out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario and resides in Toronto. He is one half of the Huckin Eh’ Podcast, your coast-to-coast guide for all things Canadian Ultimate. Theo is a fan of all teams Toronto and is a diehard fan of the Michigan State Spartans. You can reach him on Instagram (@wan_and_only_sports) or at [email protected].

  • Danie Proby

    Danie Proby

    Danie left a teaching career to pursue a career in the sports industry. She co-founded Elevate Ultimate based out of Vancouver, coached U20 & U24 Team Canada, and has basically either coached or played on every team in BC. Start a podcast about Canadian ultimate? I’m sure there’s time for that! You can contact her by email ([email protected]) or on Instagram (@danieproby).

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  8. Huckin’ Eh: US Open Recap, CUC Juniors Mega-Preview: CUC Juniors is coming up!
  9. Huckin’ Eh: CUC Senior LIVE Draw, CUC Disqualification, Masters Recap, SFI East: Find out the CUC Senior Seeding!
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