Laying it Out

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Stumble through the wacky world of ultimate frisbee and reminisce on the wide range of experiences that come with college ultimate, with advice and laughs along the way.

Got a question or comment for an upcoming show? Call our hotline (302) 448-ULTI (8584), tweet at us @laying_it_out, or email us [email protected].


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    Fiona "Scotti" Nugent

    Fiona “Scotti” Nugent is a the D-III Women's Editor and co-host of the Laying it Out podcast. She is a graduate of Lehigh University, and now plays mixed club in New York City. You can reach her through email at [email protected].

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    Chelsea Pockets

    Chelsea Pockets is a co-host of the Laying it Out podcast. She is a Lehigh alumnus.

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