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Past Articles in Laying it Out

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  1. Laying it Out: The Postseason Special!

    College v. club.

  2. Laying it Out: The Return of Big Chungus

    Tips and tricks on coaching college ultimate!

  3. Laying it Out: Pumpkin Spice Season

    PSLs and college season!

  4. Laying it Out: Philly Open and Tournament Tips

    Optimizing the tournament experience.

  5. Laying it Out: Wildwood, Olympics, Scotti Doesn’t Know — TCT

    What's the deal with the TCT?

  6. Laying it Out: SNERM — A Mental Health Talk

    Understanding the connection between mental health and on-field performance.

  7. Laying it Out: How to Draft Summer League Teams

    A great summer starts with the draft.

  8. Laying it Out: Divisions, Decisions

    Which do you prefer?

  9. Laying it Out: PS and the City

    A scientific Tinder experiment.

  10. Laying it Out: I Believe in B Teams

    What does it take to build a B team?

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