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Past Articles in furious george

For more team news, stats, history, and more, check out the Vancouver Furious George team page.

  1. Pro Championships 2017: Men’s Day Two Recap

    What a weekend for Machine.

  2. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    Sockeye-Revolver redux?

  3. Bid Watch: What Teams Need To Do At The Elite-Select Challenge

    Bids are on the line in Appleton.

  4. The 2017 Club Season Mega-Preview: Men’s Division

    What you need to know about the 2017 season.

  5. Pro-Elite Challenge 2017: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    Care for a replay of last year’s National Championships?

  6. 2016 Men’s Club Awards, Presented By BE Ultimate

    Recognizing a season of superlative efforts from around the Men's Division.

  7. Quarterfinals Recap (Men’s): 2016 Club Championships

    The semifinals are set.

  8. Prequarters Recap (Men’s): 2016 Club Championships

    Sockeye ekes out a win against Dig. Doublewide, Ring of Fire, and Furious George all advance with dominant upsets.

  9. Round 4 Recap (Men’s): 2016 Club Championships

    Close calls for Revolver and Truck Stop en route to winning Pool B and C, respectively. Johnny Bravo locked up Pool D. Doublewide, Dig, and Furious George finish the day with their first wins just in time to advance to prequarterfinals.

  10. Round 2 Recap (Men’s): 2016 Club Championships

    No upsets yet; Ironside, PoNY, Revolver, Sockeye, Johnny Bravo, and Machine stay on top.

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