Past Articles in Huck and Hope

  1. Huck and Hope: Mailbag Episode

    Huck and Hope is now free in its entirety wherever you get your podcasts!

  2. Sin The Fields: Pat Made Nationals

    We had to come back for this one.

  3. Huck and Hope: Episode 6 – Chasing the Dragon

    Check out episode 6 of Huck and Hope!

  4. Huck and Hope: Episode 5 – Let’s Go

    Check out episode 5 of Huck and Hope!

  5. Huck and Hope: Episode 4 – The Desolation of the Rochester Dragons

    Check out episode 4 of Huck and Hope!

  6. Deep Look: AUDL Championship Recap, USAU Pro Championships Preview

    The Empire lived up to their name!

  7. Huck and Hope: Episode 3 – The Observer Effect

    Check out episode 3 of Huck and Hope!

  8. Deep Look: Patrick Stegemoeller, Elite-Select Challenge, and AUDL Championship

    Patrick Stegemoeller jumps in to talk club, AUDL, and his new podcast!

  9. Huck and Hope: An American Ultimate Story

    Check out our new podcast!

  10. Sin The Fields: Shameless Promotional Cashgrab Special Episode

    Check in with Pat and Tad after a year hiatus.

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