Past Articles in Justin Burnett

  1. Better Box Score Metrics: Burnett, Carapella, and Coolman on Top [UFA Week 2, 2024]

    Diving in with the goal-scorers, block-getters, and yardage gainers to see who had the best week.

  2. Ultiworld’s 2023 Catch Of The Year Bracket (Round 1)

    The bracket is live and you can cast your votes!

  3. Ultiworld Club Awards 2023: Snubs & Superlatives

    Our reporters celebrate some of their favorite performers from the season that didn't quite earn their way into our official awards.

  4. Club National Championships 2023: The One True Hybrid (Mixed Division)

    If only one could stitch together the best ultimate player

  5. Better Box Score Metrics: High-Scoring West [AUDL Week 9, 2023]

    Offense vs. defense; chicken vs. egg

  6. Better Box Score Metrics: Heat Alert: Garrett Martin, Justin Burnett [AUDL Week 8, 2023]

    We've got a lot of defense to highlight, including Jeff Babbitt, Justin Burnett, and Max Trifilis.

  7. Emory’s Justin Burnett Wins The 2023 Callahan Award

    The Emory star becomes the first player in his school's history to win the Callahan.

  8. The Top 25 D-I Men’s Players in 2023

    The best players in the game right now.

  9. 2023 Callahan Award Finalists Announced

    The top five for each division!

  10. Emory’s Justin Burnett for Callahan 2023

    The first Callahan video of the 2023 season is here! This reel for Emory’s Justin Burnett has been hotly anticipated. Watch.

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