Tuesday Tips: The Best Tips of 2020

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Staying Connected and Getting Better Amidst an Ultimate-Free Pandemic

There’s no getting around it: the COVID-19 pandemic defined ultimate (or, more accurately, the lack of ultimate) in 2020. That meant that many of this year’s Tuesday Tips focused on ways of connecting to teammates and improving your game while being socially distanced.

Here’s a collection of Tuesday Tips on that theme:

Zip’s Tips for a New Generation

If you’re a new player, you may not even know who Josh Ziperstein is. But his legendary Zip’s Tips were revived in 2020 by Keith Raynor, who picked a selection of his favorites (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Many of Zip’s Tips, written almost 20 years ago, stand the test of time.

Making the Transition to Disc Golf

There were a handful of disc golf related Tuesday Tips this year, written from the perspective of ultimate players who had been through the beginner phases of the game. Here are 10 steps to learning to play and the best discs for ultimate players.


Having a strong reset system — or, conversely, a strong defense against resets — is crucial to high level performance in ultimate.

Here are three tips for playing better reset defense and here is some advice on improving your offensive resets.

Sport Nutrition Guidelines

Wondering what you should eat after a workout or before a big tournament? This Tuesday Tip — Change Your Plate to Change Your Game — gives you what you need to know with easy visual cues for what your dinner plate should look like.

Yoga — for Your Personality!

The headline says it all: What is your Yoga Style, According to your Personality and Mental Goals?

Yoga can be a hugely useful tool in your ultimate training, both physically (flexibility/strength) and mentally. There are lots of types of yoga, so you can find a style that really fits your needs.

The Most Popular Tuesday Tip of the Year

Technically, this tip was published in 2019, but since it was on December 31st and it still managed to get the most views of any Tuesday Tip in 2020, we’re going to count it anyway.

It’s the biggest changes in the USA Ultimate 2020-2021 rules.

Given that many people barely had the opportunity to play in the 2.5 months of ultimate that happened in 2020, it’s still as relevant as ever: as the sport returns in 2021, you’ll need to know the new rules!

While we’re on the topic of rules, make sure you check out the biggest changes in the new WFDF rules as well.

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