1. Bring It In: The Shout-Out Circle

    Making a point to call out the little things that often go unnoticed but impact your team's culture and performance.

  2. Bring It In: Playing With Intent

    If you’re moving somewhere or engaging in any action on the field, it should be for a purpose.

  3. Bring It In: The False Dichotomy of Fun vs. Competition

    Stop sabotaging your team by putting "fun" and "competitive" on opposite ends of a spectrum.

  4. Bring It In: Using Stats as a Coach

    Tracking stats can add a new perspective to your coaching.

  5. Bring It In: Ultimate Timeout Theory

    Are you using your team's timeouts correctly?

  6. Bring It In: Comfortable Discomfort

    How can we help our players push themselves to be better?

  7. Bring It In: The Personal Snap

    A simple way to improve throwing and catching.

  8. Bring It In: An Ode to Mini

    Why Small-Sided Games Are Great

  9. Bring It In: Listen Up, Because We Haven’t Covered This Yet

    You've got a great new drill, but how will you introduce it to the team?

  10. Bring It In: Turning Footage Into Teaching

    Film study is not what you think it is.

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