Past Articles from Paul Würtztack

Paul Würtztack

Paul Würtztack is an Ultiworld analyst.

  1. Better Box Score Metrics: Championship Weekend Edition [AUDL Championship Weekend, 2023]

    As they did on the field, the New York Empire dominated the statistics from AUDL Championship Weekend 2023

  2. Better Box Score Metrics: AUDL Season Awards [AUDL Championship Weekend, 2023]

    An EDGE-based taken on the AUDL Awards.

  3. Better Box Score Metrics: Divisional Championships [AUDL Divisional Championships, 2023]

    Putting New York's historical offensive game in statistical perspective, plus playoff stats for each player!

  4. Better Box Score Metrics: Different Metrics to Measure Playoffs [AUDL Playoffs Round 1, 2023]

    The single-game productivity metric returns as E16, and Jasper Tom is all over it.

  5. Better Box Score Metrics: Bookends for Hulsmeyer [AUDL Week 13, 2023]

    Does depth mean more than top end talent?

  6. Better Box Score Metrics: Who Can Take Down the Empire? [AUDL Week 12, 2023]

    Does depth mean more than top end talent?

  7. Better Box Score Metrics: Potential MVPs to Meet in Week 12 [AUDL Week 11, 2023]

    A clash atop the EDGE leaderboards!

  8. Better Box Score Metrics: Bow to Barbieri [AUDL Week 10, 2023]

    Ty Barbieri is putting up elite numbers.

  9. Better Box Score Metrics: High-Scoring West [AUDL Week 9, 2023]

    Offense vs. defense; chicken vs. egg

  10. Better Box Score Metrics: Heat Alert: Garrett Martin, Justin Burnett [AUDL Week 8, 2023]

    We've got a lot of defense to highlight, including Jeff Babbitt, Justin Burnett, and Max Trifilis.

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