Past Articles in 2019 D-I Women’s College Championships Presented By VC Ultimate

  1. UCSD Marches Upwind To Stun Dartmouth On Double Championship Point

    The best final in recent memory.

  2. Dartmouth Proved Talent Wins over Depth in Semifinal

    Dartmouth's top talent controlled the matchup.

  3. D-I College Championships 2019: Dartmouth’s Offense Bests North Carolina in Semifinal

    Dartmouth's stars come up big against North Carolina's depth.

  4. D-I College Championships 2019: Dartmouth, UCSD To Clash In Potential Classic [Final Preview]

    The two best teams go head-to-head.

  5. D-I College Championships 2019: UCSD Banishes Ghosts In Crushing Semis Win

    They've more than put last year to bed.

  6. D-I College Championships 2019: Ohio State Offense Earns Them A Semis Spot

    Wisconsin's Cinderella run comes to an end at the hands of Fever.

  7. 2019 D-I College Championships: Verzuh Saves Dartmouth on DGP in Quarters

    The Dartmouth and Western Washington quarterfinal was a shootout from the first pull.

  8. Unsung Heroes of Pool Play (Women’s)

    We sing the praises of the players you might have missed in pool play.

  9. 2019 D-I College Championships: UNC Reaches First-Ever Semifinal

    North Carolina Pleiades knocked off the UC Santa Barbara Burning Skirts 14-11 to clinch their first-ever national semifinals berth.

  10. 2019 D-I College Championships: UC San Diego Bids Past Carleton in DGP Stunner

    What a game.

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