Club Power Rankings [9/7/22]

Bring on the Series.

Each week, we’ll post an updated edition of our Power Rankings here on the front page to facilitate discussion in the comments and help us share each week’s rankings via social media. The most up-to-date version can always be found on our permanent rankings page.

Men’s Discussion

  • There’s no question about it: Washington DC Truck Stop looked like the best team throughout the Pro Championships this past weekend and have earned a well-deserved bow at #1 — a first for a program that has appeared in every edition of our Power Rankings since we started back in 2013. They usurp Pro Champs final foe New York PoNY, who cede the top spot for the first time this season.
  • The Pro Championships remade the back end of our Top 10 as well, as Chicago Machine‘s Jekyll and Hyde season continues and sees them up to #7, just ahead of a falling Seattle Sockeye who must be disappointed with their Sunday capitulation in Raleigh.
  • Also moving up this week are Austin Doublewide — who are into the Top 10 after recovering nicely to win their last three games in Raleigh — and Pittsburgh Temper, who leave North Carolina with a win over the final strength bid earner, SoCal Condors.
Club Mixed Power Rankings:
Rank Team Change Prior
Dropped from rankings: Athens Murmur (24), Atlanta Dirty Bird (25)
1 - 1
2 - 2
3 +5 8
4 +1 5
5 -2 3
6 -2 4
7 - 7
8 +8 16
9 -3 6
10 -1 9
11 -1 10
12 -1 11
13 -1 12
14 +6 20
15 -2 13
16 -2 14
17 -2 15
18 -1 17
19 -1 18
20 -1 19
21 - 21
22 - 22
23 - 23
24 -
25 -

Mixed Discussion

  • A familiar face returns to the Top 5 in Mixed, as long-time powerhouse Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust ride their Pro Champs win to the #3 spot in our rankings. They slide ahead of former #3 Ann Arbor Hybrid, as does Philadelphia AMP, who also picked up a win over the reigning Great Lakes champs.
  • The two biggest gainers this week are Durham Toro and Dallas Public Enemy, both quarterfinalists in Raleigh, enough to secure their positions inside bid-earning territory. The biggest fall this week belongs to Madison NOISE, who recovered from two Saturday losses that knocked them out of bracket contention early to win out and comfortably finish 9th.
  • We have two Power Rankings debutants rounding out the back of our Top 25, as San Francisco Classy‘s surprise venture to the Pro Champs semis sees them enter at #25, while new #24 Austin Waterloo are boosted by the success of Public Enemy, an in-state rival over whom Waterloo own an early summer victory. That pair bumps regional rivals Athens Murmur and Atlanta Dirty Bird off the board, though don’t be surprised to see either come roaring back with a solid-performance in a rare three-bid Southeast.

Women’s Discussion

  • Few teams have been as volatile in the past few weeks as Denver Molly Brown, who were up to #2 at one point before playing their first sanctioned game of the season, before dropping down to #4 after finishing third at the Bay Area Invite and are now back up to #3 thanks to a comprehensive Pro Champs victory.
  • Into the Top 5 move resurgent Washington DC Scandal. They looked a fair step behind the top two teams in Raleigh — Molly Brown and hosts Phoenix — but also beat the next three teams in the rankings — Toronto 6ixers, Vancouver Traffic, and Boston Brute Squad — who could be potential quarterfinalist opposition in San Diego.
  • Speaking of Brute Squad, it has been a rough transition out of the Kami Groom and Claire Trop era for the program; the Bostonians fall to #8, their first time outside our Top 5 since 2013. When was the last time this team lost four games in a weekend?!
  • An over .500 weekend for Portland Schwa, including a big win over Raleigh Phoenix, was enough to drag themselves into the Top 10.  They and Riot notch ahead of Quebec Iris, who haven’t competed since WUCC but have registered for the USAU Series and will be dangerous in a two-bid Northeast.
  • Further down, Chicago Nemesis slip a spot thanks to a blowout loss to New York BENT, who themselves move up a couple places ahead of idle Atlanta Ozone and Minneapolis Pop.

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