Past Articles in Roster

  1. Chicago Nemesis 2018 Roster

    Valuable roster consistency could help Nemesis qualify for Nationals again.

  2. Madison Club 2018 Roster

    Some familiar names are gone, but there's still young talent flowing into Madison.

  3. Boulder Love Tractor 2018 Roster

    Some more elite club experience added to an already strong roster.

  4. Dallas-Fort Worth Public Enemy 2018 Roster

    The South Central's most wanted are back !

  5. San Francisco Polar Bears 2018 Roster

    Polar Bears' young roster is hoping to achieve the same success as past outfits.

  6. Seattle Riot 2018 Roster

    Familiar faces form one of the most formidable rosters in the division.

  7. Minneapolis Sub Zero 2018 Roster

    With the Grey Duck pipeline flush and some extra support from a strong ultimate community, Sub Zero could return to Nationals.

  8. Seattle Sockeye 2018 Roster

    Is there a youth movement in Seattle?

  9. Denver Johnny Bravo 2018 Roster

    It's a brand new Johnny Bravo, missing a lot of stalwarts and adding plenty of fresh blood.

  10. Michigan High Five 2018 Roster

    Michigan High Five is back after building a strong foundation over the past few seasons.

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