1. September 11, 2017
  2. Club Sectionals Roundup: See Who’s Headed To Regionals
  3. September 08, 2017
  4. Gender Equity Action Group Launches Video Project Around Male Participation In GE Movement
  5. European East Regionals: Tournament Recap
  6. Sin The Fields: AUDL Champs, European Ultimate, Weddings
  7. September 07, 2017
  8. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Recap (Women’s)
  9. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Recap (Men’s)
  10. Mark Lloyd To Play With Johnny Bravo For The Series
  11. Club Power Rankings, Presented By NUTC [Sep. 6, 2017]
  12. September 06, 2017
  13. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Recap (Mixed)
  14. September 05, 2017
  15. New York Invite 2017: Tournament Recap
  16. September 04, 2017
  17. Pro Championships 2017: Women’s Day Two Recap
  18. Pro Championships 2017: Men’s Day Two Recap
  19. Pro Championships 2017: Mixed Day Two Recap
  20. September 03, 2017
  21. Pro Championships 2017: Women’s Day One Recap
  22. Pro Championships 2017: Men’s Bracket & Day One Recap
  23. September 02, 2017
  24. Bid Watch: Men’s, Women’s Locked In; Mixed Sees Changes, More Possible
  25. New York Invite 2017: Bracket & Day One Recap
  26. Pro Championships 2017: Mixed Bracket & Day One Recap
  27. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Preview (Mixed)
  28. September 01, 2017
  29. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Preview (Men’s)
  30. New York Invite 2017: Tournament Preview
  31. Deep Look: AUDL Champ Weekend, Pro Champs, NY Invite
  32. Pro Championships 2017: Tournament Preview (Women’s)
  33. VIDEO: Wind Chill, Radicals Play At Halftime Of Vikings Preseason Game
  34. EuroZone: EUCR East, West, & South Round-Up
  35. August 31, 2017
  36. Canadian Ultimate Championships 2017: Men’s Division Recap, WUCC Lookahead
  37. August 30, 2017
  38. Pro Championships 2017: Filming Schedule
  39. New York Invite 2017: Filming Schedule
  40. How The North Carolina Girls Became The First Team Outside Of Seattle To Win YCC
  41. Club Update: The Calm Before the Storm
  1. 2017 Women’s Club Regionals Mega-Preview

  2. A Q&A With USAU Rankings Committee Chair Stephen Wang

  3. 2017 Men’s Club Regionals Mega-Preview

  4. WUCC 2018 Initial Bid Allocation Released

  5. Sarasota Sunset Returns This Fall: Free Bids For Top-Select Teams

  6. Photo Of The Day: Carleton Banner Edition

    Along with recruiting students with promotional frisbees and giving every freshman an Ultrastar, Carleton College hangs banners for their championship ultimate teams!

    Photo via CUT Twitter.
    —Charlie Eisenhood Sep 21, 2017 at 9:46AM
  7. Top 10 Plays From The 2017 AUDL Season

    Don’t miss the top 10 plays from the 2017 American Ultimate Disc League season!

    Top 10 Plays | AUDL 2017 Season

    The league has also posted the top 10 throws, catches, blocks, and skies.

    —Charlie Eisenhood Sep 20, 2017 at 1:16PM
  8. Universe Point: The Genesis Of The New Ultimate Cleats

  9. VC Ultimate’s Women’s Development Sponsorship Offers 20% Discount

  10. VIDEO: San Diego Growlers Play Ultimate Vs. MLB’s Padres

    Check out this clip from Fox Sports San Diego of the AUDL’s San Diego Growlers taking on the San Diego Padres’ bullpen in a little ultimate:

    Growlers v. Padres | Ultimate Frisbee

    —Charlie Eisenhood Sep 19, 2017 at 10:05AM
  11. Truck Stop’s Alan Kolick Tears MCL, PCL; Out For Postseason

    Alan Kolick. Photo: Jolie Lang —

    MRI results confirmed that Washington DC Truck Stop’s Alan Kolick has suffered complete tears to his Medial Collateral Ligament and Posterior Cruciate Ligament after a non-contact knee injury in the final of the New York Invite earlier this month.

    Kolick will not be able to play again in 2017. Multi-ligament knee injuries often require surgery and generally have longer recovery times.

    Kolick has been a vital part of the Truck Stop offense and helped lead the team to a top five ranking this regular season.

    —Charlie Eisenhood Sep 15, 2017 at 12:59PM
  12. EuroZone: Continental Breakfast, National Championships

  13. 5 Ways The New RISE UP Captain & Coach Bootcamp Will Help Your Team

  14. [UPDATED] Throwing Form Project: A Video Archive Of Elite Throwers’ Mechanics

  15. Club Power Rankings, Presented By NUTC [Sep. 14, 2017]

  16. Club Power Ranking Updates

  17. Thursday Mailbag: Seattle Sweep, Manuela Cardenas, Mark Lloyd

  18. Friction Gloves Catch Of The Month: Rival’s Sara Scott

  19. Ultiworld Is Hiring: Op-Ed Columnists, Instructional Writers, Video Analysts

  20. Brute Squad’s Claudia Tajima Hits #1 On espnW Top 10

    Boston Brute Squad’s Claudia Tajima landed at #1 on the espnW weekly top 10 this week with her toe-the-line grab from the Pro Championships final. Check out the video over on ESPN!

    —Charlie Eisenhood Sep 13, 2017 at 12:31PM
  21. [WATCH] Double Game Point Between Steamboat & BFG At Pro Champs

    Watch the final point of the first round matchup between Cincinnati Steamboat and Seattle BFG at the 2017 Pro Championships:

    Pro Championships 2017: Cincinnati Steamboat v. Seattle BFG (DGP)

    —Aidan Shapiro-Leighton Sep 12, 2017 at 9:33AM
  22. EUCF Pools & Format Announced

  23. Johnny Bravo Has Taken Over Ultimate Twitter

  24. [WATCH] 2nd Half Of Machine v. Sockeye In Pro Champs Quarters

    Watch the end of the second half of the 2017 Pro Championships quarterfinal between Chicago Machine and Seattle Sockeye with our bonus coverage from Burlington! Get access to video of seven full games from the Pro Championships and dozens more from the rest of the club season at

    Pro Championships 2017: Chicago Machine v. Seattle Sockeye

    —Aidan Shapiro-Leighton Sep 12, 2017 at 9:10AM
  25. Photo Of The Day: Sectionals Edition

    Check out this catch from Memphis Belle’s Justin Hill to score a break against Birmingham War Machine! Belle went on to win 14-13 and ended up finish third in the Gulf Coast section to advance to Southeast Regionals. The photo comes courtesy of Jesse Dahms from Amber Ridge Photography.

    Memphis Belle’s Justin Hill. Photo: Jesse Dahms — Amber Ridge Photography.
    —Charlie Eisenhood Sep 11, 2017 at 6:53PM
  26. BE Block Of The Week: Truck Stop’s Delrico Johnson

  27. Sideline Talk: Adriana Withers [Ep. 6]

  28. Here’s The 2017 College Mixed Regionals Logo

    With USA Ultimate’s development of new formal College Mixed Division events this fall, of course they needed a fresh new logo design. Here it is, courtesy of Austin Bonelli:

    —Charlie Eisenhood Sep 11, 2017 at 12:27PM
  29. VIDEO: Wind Chill, Radicals Play At Halftime Of Vikings Preseason Game

    The AUDL’s Minnesota Wind Chill and Madison Radicals played at halftime of the Miami Dolphins v. Minnesota Vikings NFL preseason game last night at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Check out the video of the halftime showcase:


    —Charlie Eisenhood Sep 1, 2017 at 2:09PM
  30. Club Sectionals Roundup: See Who’s Headed To Regionals

  31. Gender Equity Action Group Launches Video Project Around Male Participation In GE Movement

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